Discover The Secret Life of Paintings Via Online Art History Course

MonLife Heritage Museums’ new Introduction to Art History course commences online on Monday January 18th at 7pm with tutor, Eleanor Bird MA (Oxon) for a series of ten art appreciation classes at 7pm for a one-hour lecture on Zoom. Participants do not have to be local to sign up – you can join in from wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out about the paintings which grace the walls of art galleries, museums and country houses, the course of ten weekly online talks will lead you through the major art historical movements, from classical beginnings, through the Middle Ages, then into the Renaissance and beyond until we reach the shocking new art of the 20th century. Explore two thousand years of painting – how did art change, who created it and how did it reflect the spirit of its age?

Simone Martini The Annunciation (detail) 1333

Watch And Learn About Art Through the Ages

Watch as the brilliance of Roman art is abandoned in mediaeval times for a heavenly vision of saints and sinners; as the Renaissance rediscovers realism and explores man’s place in the world with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Learn how art moves away from the religious towards the everyday in the 17th century and from the frothy to the serious through the next. In the 19th, see how Impressionist painters such as Monet challenge the old masters as the ground is laid for the radical Modernism of Picasso and Matisse.

Monet Lavacourt under snow 1878-81 National Gallery London

Learn Something New Via Online Art Course

You don’t have to know anything about art history and there is no coursework or homework. This course is about learning something new and having an enjoyable time, once a week, looking at wonderful images, gaining new insights and an understanding of art and encouragement to look at paintings in a new light. It’s a visual delight with a range of painting and sculpture to see, each artwork set in the context of its times.

The course fee for 10 x 1-hour sessions delivered online via Zoom is £52 and includes a weekly handout featuring some of the major artworks discussed.

The course will start on Monday 18 January and end on March 29 2021 (half term break Monday February 15) Advance booking is essential and all bookings must be made by midnight Thurs 14th January.

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