Behind The Tracks With Still Corners, Mogwai & IDestroy

We look at three new single releases and get the stories behind the tracks from Still Corners, Mogwai and IDestroy.

White Sands – Still Corners

White Sands the third track to be taken from Still Corners new album, The Last Exit. It Is a classic ghost story of a phantom witch who roams the dunes and highways, scaring travellers as they cross the land.

Still Corners new single White Sands is taken from the album, The Last Exit Photo: Bernard Burmin

The album was brought further into focus by the pandemic when almost everything was forced to stop.

Tessa explains, “There’s always something at the end of the road and for us it was this album. Our plans were put on hold – an album set for release, tours, video shoots, travel. We’d been touring nonstop for years, but we were forced to pause everything. We thought the album was finished but with the crisis found new inspiration and started writing again.”

Ritchie Sacramento – Mogwai

Mogwai’s new single Ritchie Sacramento, is the second song to be taken from their forthcoming tenth studio album As The Love Continues (released on 19 February 2021, via Rock Action Records).

The track’s video was created within the Unreal Games Engine by director Sam Wiehl, who has previously collaborated with Ladytron, Forest Swords and the Valentino fashion house, and created a small first-person multi-level computer game for the song, which then formed the animations and narratives for the video.

Mogwai’s new release Ritchie Sacramento evolved from a misunderstanding. Photo: Antony Crook

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite says: “Ritchie Sacramento’s title came from a misunderstanding a friend of ours had about how to say Ryuichi Sakamoto. The lyrics were inspired by a story Bob Nastanovich shared about his friend and bandmate David Berman who proclaimed “Rise Crystal Spear” as he threw a shovel at a sports car. The song is dedicated to all the musician friends we’ve lost over the years.”

Petting Zoo – IDestroy

IDESTROY​ consist of Bec Jevons (vocals, guitar), Nicola Wilton-Baker (bass, backing vocals), and Jenn Hills (drums).

The Bristol trio’s forthcoming album We Are Girls is a party-punk album made for mosh pits – or, for now, pogoing at home. Dig deeper, however, and there’s sharp commentary in its ten spiky songs, from the ‘hands-off’ warning of their new single, Petting Zoo to the title track’s ire at the obstacles faced by female musicians.

Petting Zoo comes from IDESTROY’s forthcoming album, We Are Girls Photo by Dan Jevons

Petting Zoo was written after Bec was groped twice in a matter of months, first on a hiking trip, next in a nightclub. “The club was the final straw,” says Bec. “A mixture of emotions overcame me – shock, anger, violation. Most startling was the confusion and helplessness I felt. What do you do in that situation? Petting Zoo is for everyone who’s had enough, who is tired of being leered at, sexualised and touched without consent.”

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