Behind The Tracks: Kean Farrar, Lucy Spraggan & Tulliah

Andy Howells gets the stories behind the tracks from some of 2021’s hottest new single releases. This week we hear from Kean Farrar, Lucy Spraggan and Tulliah.

Kean Farrar – Always Comes Around

Following on from his debut release, Heartthrob, 21-year-old Persian-American artist Kean releases of his new single Always Come Around.

Kean Farrar’s new release is Always Comes Around

R&B star Kean wanted to establish a specific mood for the track, produced by Platinum-certified hitmaker Stickle. He aimed for the track to fit seamlessly into the vibe of a specific scenario.

Kean explains, “A summer night in Los Angeles in 2003. You’re in the backseat of a black Escalade on the way to your lover. Warm wind blows in through the open windows as you head up the backroads of the Hollywood Hills. Hot 97 is on and Justin Timberlake’s Señorita is fading out as Funkmaster Flex announces the next record…”

Lucy Spraggan – Animal

UK Singer-songwriter, Lucy Spraggan starts 2021 with the release of Animal the third single from her brand new album Choices due for release on February 26th, inspired by a rich tapestry of  life experiences, that have served in giving her the headspace to mature and grow, both musically and personally. 

Lucy Spraggan tackles Trolls head on with her new single, Animal

On Animal Lucy says: “I do a lot of skipping, ‘cause I do a lot of working out and do a lot of weight lifting, and my favourite thing to skip to is Bollywood music. It’s sick! Bhangra music – we don’t have a Western rhythm like that. There’s so much energy and it makes me feel so passionate and alive. I was skipping and came in and just started writing that little guitar riff”

An advocate for positive mental health, working closely alongside charities such as CALM and Alzheimer’s UK and joining the BBC’s anti-bullying campaign for Children In Need, Lucy tackles trolls head on and strives to help people feel more confident in themselves Animal addresses the subject matter of cyber bullying.

“If someone wants to be derogatory, they often call you an animal.  Call me a dog, call me a shark, Ive been pushed far enough, I can be an animal if you want me to be one, I just won’t be a nice one,” says Lucy.

Tulliah – Distant Dreams

Following the release of Tulliah’s recent single Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely), the 19-year-old singer songwriter from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, has unveiled her new single Distant Dreams alongside news of her debut EP Fre$h Hugs on 12th March.

Tulliah’s new single, Distant Dreams is from her new EP, Fre$h Hugs

The title origins of Distant Dreams came from the back of a painting in Tulliah’s home. Tulliah describes how the captivating track came together, “We set up my new piano in the backroom of my parent’s. My mum was moving a painting that they have had for years to the top of the piano when she read the back of it – it was called Distant Dreams.

“This song flowed out of me. I used to never really believe that I could achieve my dreams. This song is about not wanting to break away from my visions and goals. The lyrics ‘don’t go waking me up’ is a really direct demand to myself! It’s about not wanting to go back to doubting my capabilities.”

Recorded throughout mid-2020 while her Victorian hometown came out of lockdown (and then back in again), the EP offers relatable glimpses at a teenage musician coming of age, reflecting on mental health and relationships – as well as a friend that was cheated on while they were in a coma, believe it or not – with a warmth and comfort that feels like a hug from a close friend (hence the EP title).

There’s a lot to take in on Fre$h Hugs – honest stories and vocals years in the making, but for Tulliah, this is just the start. “I’m just really excited to meet people that love these little parts of me.”

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