Behind The Tracks With Danielle Lewis, Aby Coulibaly & Del Amitri

This week on Behind The Tracks there are exciting new sounds from South Wales singer/songwriter Danielle Lewis, Dublin-based Aby Coulibaly and a new release from Scotland’s Del Amitri.

Danielle Lewis new single – Help Me

Danielle Lewis – Help Me

Written on a chilly afternoon in Cardiff in 2019 after Danielle Lewis had just returned from a UK tour, gazing out at the January gloom beyond her window she was gripped by what she describes as a “sudden and cathartic moment of journaling”. Falling as naturally into place as the frost that clung to the frozen ground below, the words and music of her new single Help Me came from within to capture a mood and moment in intimate detail.

Danielle says of the single, “On reflection of ‘Help Me‘, the lyrics shed a light on my inner dialogue at that moment in time, perhaps even another aspect of myself. It’s a reminder of the importance of self-love that ultimately starts from within.”

Danielle Lewis

Channelling these humbling spiritual observations through Lewis’ own unearthly vocal, the singles startling potential was immediate. Reaching out to TJ Roberts, frontman of the eponymously titled Welsh indie/Americana quartet, he added the brittle starkness of his acoustic guitar to crystallize a track of haunting, breath-taking beauty.

Danielle continues, “There’s an underlying sense of power and drive from TJ Roberts’ beautiful guitar playing. I felt the track warranted an acoustic and stripped back feel, almost as if it could be recreated time and time again. ‘Help Me’ ended up feeling despairing and enlightening all at the same time.”

Aby Coulibaly’s new single – Long Nights

Aby Coulibaly – Long Nights

21-year-old Aby Coulibaly has followed earlier releases Taurus and with her new single Long Nights and accompanying official video which has been filmed in and around her hometown of Dublin.

Aby explains, “The video was directed by Monjola and Sam Fallover who also shot it. I wanted the video to be fun and not really serious, just me having a good time with friends and playing the PlayStation etc and that’s what we did. We shot it all in the same day and it was sooo much fun.”

Produced by Moyo, Long Nights reiterates Aby’s ability to scrutinise the nuances of sensitive situations. Issues of blame and deflection surface as a relationship breaks down but Aby confidently affirms that it is a conflict that she can rise above.

That quest for independence also led Aby to form her own label, Chamomile Records, late last year. Working to the philosophy that it’s all about the music, the label is home to another rising Irish R&B talent in the shape of Monjola.

It’s Feelings is from Del Amitri’s forthcoming album Fatal Mistakes

Del Amitri – It’s Feelings

The return of Del Amitri gathers pace as they release their new single It’s Feelings from their forthcoming album Fatal Mistakes, which will be their first studio album in 19 years when it’s released on May 14th.

It’s Feelings was written by frontman, Justin Currie and guitarist Iain Harvie, with mixing courtesy of their long-term collaborator Mark Freegard.

Currie commented, “It’s a simple fact that human beings have no idea what makes them feel the way they do. Their feelings are often guided by instinct, which means that their actions aren’t always rational. Listening to new music is similar. You can explain what’s good or bad about a song, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t feel it.”

The song’s emotional punch is reflected in its accompanying video, which was directed by Stuart Breadner.

Del Amitri will celebrate the forthcoming album’s release by playing a special streamed show, details of which will be announced soon. They also hope to be able to confirm an extensive UK tour later this year.

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