Please Sir! – Frankie Abbott Returns in All-Star Online Presentation

Whatever happened to young Frankie Abbott – the daydreaming mummy’s boy of Class 5C from the London Weekend Television comedy classic Please Sir! and later The Fenn Street Gang?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Five Star Show

In 2016, Welsh actor David Barry wrote a two-hander play entitled The Lives of Frankie Abbott in which he reprised his role as Mummy’s little soldier, Frankie, now in the senior years of his life.

David explained to Andy Howells in December 2020, “I got involved with a company called Misty Moon events run by a friend of mine called Stuart Morris. He engaged me to do a talk about my career and when I met him and his wife later, he said “Your talk went down very well, but you know I think people would have liked you to do a bit of Frankie Abbott.

“I said “Well, I’m in my 70s, I’d feel a bit stupid doing that.” Then I was hit by an idea and thought “What if I did him in real time and he was in a care home?”. So, I wrote it and we took it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and it got five-star reviews!”

The cast and crew of Misty Moon’s presentation of ThLives of Frankie Abbott in rehearsal. Left to right top: Stuart & Jen Morriss of Misty Moon Events, Martin Rudman, technician, Graham Cole OBE, 2nd column: Judy Matheson, David Barry, Suzanne Maddock, and Felicity Dean.

How To See The Lives of Frankie Abbott Online

Now, due to popular demand, Misty Moon events are re-presenting The Lives of Frankie Abbott online from 7pm on Saturday March 13. The presentation, produced by Stuart Morriss will this time feature a full cast including David Barry, Graham Cole OBE, Judy Matheson, Suzanne Maddock, and Felicity Dean. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A event so fans can put questions to the cast and crew.

Registration for the Zoom live event is essential, of which there is a fee of £10.

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