My Music DNA: Kane Radnor of Sub Cultures

South Wales-based indie/alt act Sub Cultures have today released their debut eponymously-titled EP via Prank Monkey Records.

Produced by Jack Boston at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, the release of the Sub Cultures EP follows the previous success of singles Far Behind and Alone and further showcases the young group’s formidable songwriting prowess.

The band was formed in Gloucestershire in 2019 by close school-friends Kane Radnor (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Lewis Perks (lead guitar), who swiftly recruited Charlie Foster (bass) and Eric Karvik (drums) to complete the line-up. 

They have quickly developed their own hard, driving, pulsating sound along with a reputation for intense live shows. Key inspirations and influences include The Cure and Joy Division, alongside more contemporary acts such as Shame, Fontaines D.C., Title Fight and JAWS.

Here, Kane Radnor reveals his Music DNA to Andy Howells.

The Sub Cultures have released their debut EP Photo; Tom Damsell Imagery

What was the first song that made an impact on you?

The first song that made a real impact on myself would have to be Do it Again by Steely Dan. The guitar work on that song resonated with me massively as a young child. It was also one of the songs I could never quite play on Guitar Hero as a child. Not that I was ever any good at Guitar Hero anyway.

What was the first single you bought?

I think the first single I remember owning would have to be The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way. It’s just a super nice heart-warming song, not to mention a great sing-along. Especially with friends!

What was the first album you owned?

The first album I owned was Appetite For Destruction by Guns n Roses if I remember correctly. When I listen to it now, it still gives me incredibly nostalgic vibes. The opening track, Welcome To The Jungle – just wow.

What’s your constant go to track?

My constant go-to track at the moment has to be Tasteless by Shame (what a banger). If I’m honest, the whole album Songs of Praise really inspires me – also recorded at Rockfield Studios (where we recently recorded our debut EP).  Great song, great band, great album.

What’s your constant go to album?

My constant go to album is Animals by Pink Floyd. I hear something new every time I listen to it. It never gets boring for me. I remember my dad first playing Animals to myself and Lewis (our lead guitarist) and it just completely blew our heads off.

Who’s your latest music discovery?

My latest musical discovery that I’m really into would have to be a band called Praise – definitely check them out if you haven’t already. Super nice aggressive sound, which I’m getting more and more into as of recent.

What’s your own track that best defines you as an artist?

I think the song that best defines the band and myself is probably Enjoy Yourself, from the new record.  It has the energy which we try our best to display at all our live shows captured very nicely, especially towards the end of the track. The video is also a pretty good representation of all the things we love, and just perfectly encapsulates where we were as a band at the time of writing and recording it.

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