Behind The Tracks with Prosperina, Lainey Wilson & Broken Fires

A very happy Easter to you all! While you are enjoying your egg-frenzied bank holiday weekend – why not take time out to discover three new releases?

This week, we feature two established South Wales bands, as well as some country-flavoured pop from a Nashville artist. As ever, we’ll be adding what we can to the Ents South Wales playlist – so do check that out to listen in to other previously featured artists!

Prosperina – Boot

Welsh rockers Prosperina’s new single Boot, is the second to be taken from their forthcoming album Flag. It follows the release of the album’s debut single Deep Never, which was hailed by Guitar World as carrying “the emotional weight of Alice in Chains and the progressive tendencies of Soundgarden.”

The track is inspired by dystopian literature including George Orwell’s 1984 and George R. Stewart’s sci-fi classic Earth Abides, exploring the sentiment of humans’ minute importance to the earth.

Prosperina’s single, Boot is from their forthcoming release, Flag

Lead singer and guitarist Gethin Woolcock says, “Boot is an anthem for the disenfranchised Left. It feels like a counterpoint to the culture of pretence that things will always work out okay given time – a Hollywood trope that’s not always the case in the real world.

Boot is a track that is intended to rouse people from the morphine-esque stupor created by social media.”

Lainey Wilson – Things A Man Oughta Know

Nashville artist Lainey Wilson’s Things A Man Oughta Know  was recently described as a “must listen” by Rolling Stone.  The track features on her new album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, which will be released on April 16th via BMG / Broken Row Records.

Lainey Wilson’s Things A Man Oughta Know is from her forthcoming album, Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’

The tense Things A Man Oughta Know video depicts a way in which a man “got it wrong” and highlights the need to stay alert when people mask their true intentions. Partially filmed in Lainey’s own home, it accentuates the importance of discernment, especially when character and intention are at odds.  The video features her long-term friend Sean O’Halloranas co-director alongside Chris Ashlee. The film also features O’Halloran’s daughter as well as Kurt Ozan, who performs in Luke Combs’ band. 

Lainey explains, “I hoped that people would connect to this song and it’s been so incredible to see just how strong the reaction has been. For the music video, we wanted to create a piece of art where people could watch it and feel something all over again.”

Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ is available to pre-order here. Physical products include a CD, a red vinyl, and some new merchandise designs.

Broken Fires – Dreamer

BROKEN FIRES latest single Dreamer is their first in five years. The South Wales band return with an anthemic cut that heralds both a new partnership with Cardiff-based label Phwoar & Peace, plus a fresh batch of material planned for release throughout 2021.

Dreamer is the new single release from Broken Fires

At just three-and-a-half minutes long, Dreamer was written in South Wales on Tom Stephens father’s old 1960s EKO acoustic guitar. Tom explains:

Dreamer is a song about being allowed to dream and wanting to do something with your short time on earth. It was inspired by this feeling that as we grow up, we tend to default to the mundane, normal and let’s be honest – boring. It seemed like a feeling that a lot of our friends were experiencing, that itch you get when you just don’t want to accept that this is it and you want to do something bigger, better, maybe even a little bit crazy and unrealistic with your life.

Written and recorded by Broken Fires at sessions that culminated at Mwnci Studios, Dreamer was produced by guitarist, Justin Hendy before final mixing by Matt Lederman and mastering by Ryan Morey.

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