Behind The Tracks: Tom Auton, Super Marine & Foxxglove

Andy Howells goes Behind The Tracks on three new releases from Welsh artists.

Tom Auton – 9 til 9

Tom Auton follows up Victim of the Groove, with a brand new single 9 til 9 available from Friday 28 May 2021 via all major streaming/download platforms.

Following on from the success of previous single Victim of the Groove, 2021 is shaping up to be a big year for Cardiff-based Tom, with his first show back being with legendary Welsh indie-rockers band Feeder. Tom will open the huge outdoor show at Tredegar Park, Newport on Friday 9 July with his band The Bottlebreakers.

9 til 9 delves even deeper into Tom’s experience and struggles of being a self-releasing indie artist, the creative process and the theme of mental reliance.

Tom Auton and his band will support Feeder at Newport’s Tredegar Park

Tom explains, “The Lyric ‘9 Til 9’ refers to a full 12-hour day that I spent analysing a song I had written. Trying to make it fit someone else’s idea of “the perfect song.”

“This song is about rejection and how I deal with it. For me, getting turned down from an opportunity or a job, and not getting feedback as to what you did wrong, sends me falling into an over analytical pit of ‘what did I do wrong’. So, I wrote 9 Til 9 to rid my mind all of these questions that I conjure after getting turned down.”

“It can consume me to the point of wanting to change who I am, it’s a bit dark and gloomy, but I find writing about it makes for some really aggressive riffs. Every song of mine is born from anger and frustration, at things that have gone wrong in my life. The songs highlight the internal conflict I face with myself daily.”

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Super Marine – Don’t Say Goodbye

Blackwood alt-rock quartet Super Marine’s new single Don’t Say Goodbye is available now across all digital formats with digital distribution by Distrokid.

The new single is the band’s first new music since their last release in July 2020, Long Walk Home, and is the band’s first acoustic release and showcases their ability to write songs in a variety of styles while retaining key musical elements unique to their sound.

Super Marine’s new single is Don’t Say Goodbye

Don’t Say Goodbye “… is about holding onto positive memories while not getting caught up with what used to be and what might be,” explain the band.

“It’s about realising the good times can end without letting it cloud your future. It’s a reminder to appreciate what you have and live in the moment while understanding the past remains unchanged and the future is unknown.”

Foxxglove – Bad Timing

Singer/songwriter, Foxxglove’s latest single Bad Timing is also currently streaming and available via digital download platforms. This heart wrenching alt-pop ballad gives the listener a deeply personal insight into her life, about a profoundly dark time within a relationship.

Foxxglove’s New Single is called Bad Timing

Foxxglove, who hails from Ferndale says, “This song is about a specific relationship, where the person broke my heart in an emotionally manipulative and frustrating manner. He fought for my attention at the start, led me on and ended up gaslighting me.

The most important part of a song for me is the lyrics, that’s how I write my music at the moment and I hope people can be empathetic to the emotional weight they carry. This song represents closure to me and I hope others can find solace within the song; knowing they aren’t alone in their feelings.”

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