24-Hour Performathon To Raise Urgent Funds For Newport’s Dolman Theatre

The longest show ever to take place on the stage of Newport’s Dolman Theatre gets underway this weekend with a 24-hour Performathon.

The Dolman Theatre Performathon takes place from 6pm on July 10th and continues through until 6pm on July 11th.

Featuring many of the musical societies, dance schools and friends of the Dolman Theatre, the event will be live streamed free via YouTube at www.dolman.live .

There will be a break in schedule from 3.50am until 8am on July 11th.

Friends of the Dolman Theatre will host a 24 Hour Performathon from July 10 2021 via YouTube in order to raise funds for the theatre.
24 Hour Performathon Will Raise Funds For Theatre

The performathon will help raise funds for the Dolman Theatre, which like all other theatres had to close its doors to the public since the Welsh government pandemic restrictions were launched in March, 2020.

A hub of performing arts and amateur theatre in South Wales, the theatre opened its doors in 1967, when Newport’s new shopping complex was opened by Princess Margaret.

The Newport Little Theatre and Arts Centre as it was then known, encompassed a theatre auditorium seating some 430 people and a studio holding a further 60. In its 54-year history the theatre has been entirely independent and self-funded.

However, like other theatres across Wales, the Dolman Theatre has remained closed to live performance since March 2020 due to the Welsh government COVID restrictions.

The theatre’s exterior has particularly suffered in the last year and currently needs urgent funding for a new roof, of which the theatre believes costs could exceed £90,000.  

Many performers have come together already to raise funds for the theatre via a sponsored walk and a recording of a special song written by Kevin Myers featuring vocal performances from Caroline Sheen and Gareth Tempest.

The Performathon is the next phase in the fundraising project and donations can be made to gofundme/f/dolman during the performances.

The Performathon for the Dolman Theatre commences at 6pm on Saturday July 10
Who’s Who in the Dolman Theatre Performathon Schedule
  • 6pm Centrestage Cymru and Sharon Higgins Musical Theatre Group
  • 7.40pm Glass Ceiling Theatre
  • 8.50pm Anthony LLoyd
  • 9.25pm Liz Keech
  • 10pm Quintessential
  • 11.05pm Rhian Peake
  • 11.40pm Bethany Atlanta Jones
  • 12.30am Victoria Hughes and Peter Thewless
  • 1.05am Jean Rowe
  • 2.10am Christopher Edmunds
  • 2.50am Jean Rowe
  • 3.50am Break until 8am
  • 8am Rob Jacob
  • 9am Le Clare School of Dance
  • 10.10am Abigail Rabbitt
  • 10.25am Newport Playgoers Society
  • 11.10am  Emma Trott
  • 11.45am GLD  Dance School
  • 1.50pm Bettws in Bloom
  • 2.25pm Newport Operatic Society
  • 3.25pm Joe Tulloch and Megan Postle
  • 4.30pm Alan Preston
  • 5pm Vanessa Clarke Dancers

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