Spend One Night With Marilyn Monroe at Free Cardiff Theatre Event!

A rehearsed reading of a new play, “One Night with Marilyn” by PT Rose on Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th September is taking place at The Old Library, Splott, Cardiff at 8 pm and tickets are going fast for this FREE event.

Little Known Story of Marilyn Monroe’s Private Life

Unknown to many of her fans, in February 1961 Marilyn Monroe was sectioned to the Payne Whitney Clinic, the psychiatric division of Cornell University NY.

Marilyn was under the impression she was being sent for some rest and recuperation by her trusted doctor. She had set alarm bells ringing amongst her friends and psychiatrist by talking of ‘ending it all’. She had often been to such places previously to visit her mother who had been confined for many years as a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

Marilyn herself had a growing complex that she too was going insane and friends noticed that occasionally she behaved as if pre-occupied by ‘voices’ she claimed to be speaking to her. This play is about what may have happened on that night, as withdrawal symptoms from her many drugs start to kick in – was Marilyn Monroe ever really alone?

Cast for Cardiff presentation of One Night With Marilyn by PT Rose on Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th September is taking place at The Old Library, Splott, Cardiff

“Amazing Group Of Actors” For Marilyn Monroe Play

Executive Producer for Telstars Theatre Company, Teresa (Teri) McCarthy is delighted that the showcase has proved so popular from social media coverage alone.

Teresa says ‘I’ve got an amazing group of actors together for this. PT Rose’s script is emotive, powerful and very moving. The cast have learnt so much about Marilyn’s early life in this very revealing play and so will you.’

Following the showcase, guests will be asked for feedback and initial reviews.

So why is the play, coming to Cardiff?

Teresa explains’” Well, it is the Capital of Wales so what better place to hold the Wales premier of the Rehearsed Reading, and I live here! There will be readings in Swansea and Newport as well and in these difficult times with lots of acting groups itching to get back on stage, it ensures that at least theatre continues close to everyone’s home using local talented actors.

This was the perfect opportunity for Telstars to get back into performance mode and we have loved every minute of it. Everyone has bought into this project and we are quite excited for it to happen.

Who knows, there may even be a full-scale production next year so watch this space’

Worldwide Marilyn 60 Celebrations Planned

Karen Struel-White, KSW Network Producer said: ‘The Cardiff rehearsed read will be part of the of the WORLDWIDE ‘Marilyn 60’ celebrations of the star’s life. There are already planned reads across the UK, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco and Connecticut.  The script has also been translated into over 22 languages including Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi proving beyond doubt Marilyn will always be a GLOBAL icon.

The zoom versions of this play have already had glowing reviews online, and Teresa is the first local Exec Producer to present actors to a live audience in Wales.’

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