Get on The Nightclub Floor With Eleri Angharad’s New EP Release

Swansea’s country starlet Eleri Angharad releases a brand-new EP Nightclub Floor which will feature a brand-new song of the same name and an acoustic version of one of her biggest hits this week.

The EP also features the breakthrough singles Blank Walls, New Sin (released acoustically for the first time) and Delete It.

Eleri Angharad’s New EP is called Nightclub Floor

Nightclub Floor is the culmination of two years hard work and completes the concept EP of a night out, which is released in time with the easing of UK lockdown restrictions.  

Eleri elaborates more by telling us “Nightclubs are hazy places, full of strangers, lovers, dancers, drinking, fighting, crying, lust, shots and broken hearts. In this EP I wanted to capture the range of perspectives of four girls. or maybe they’re all a part of me.

“My new EP, along with a brand-new song of the same name is the final piece of the puzzle that links these songs together. I hope you enjoy coming to the Nightclub with me and experiencing the full emotional rollercoaster of this night out under the sweaty ceiling of this particular venue.”

Reflecting on her EP she adds “I first started writing these songs back in 2019, just writing for the fun of it after touring my debut album and I just wanted to see what came out. As I kept writing, I noticed these four songs told the story of a sad night out There’s the girl starting a steamy love affair, the girl in the queue for the bathroom full of anxiety over what to text him back, the girl drunk on wine who just wants to be loved and the girl sitting on the edge of the sticky Nightclub Floor trying to call her best friend from uni. It’s been fun to explore a sound different to that of Earthbound, being able to collaborate and write more pop inspired music.”

Eleri’s calendar is filling up with scheduled appearances at The British Country Music Festival at Winter Gardens, Blackpool on 3-5 September 2021 alongside Nathan Carter, Wildwood Kin, Lisa McHugh and more. Tickets are available through

Eleri will also perform at Swansea Music Fringe Festival over the weekend of 21-24 October 2021 with tickets available at

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