New Release: Nobody Does It Like Me – Kaysha Louvain

South Wales based Retro-Pop/Country artist Kaysha Louvain has released her new single, Nobody Does it Like Me.

Kaysha learnt her craft over 10 years playing and writing music in various bands while drawing heavily on her Welsh roots. Her latest music has been compared to the likes of Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, and Chrissie Hynde.

Kaysha Louvain’s latest release is Nobody Does It Like Me.

Kaysha’s newest title follows on from the success of Summer Lovers.

Kaysha told Andy Howells, “After the success of my first 2021 single ‘Summer Lovers’ I signed with SWND Records (MADCAP Global SWND) to release my second single off the upcoming album.

‘Nobody Does It Like Me’ is produced by Jammy Harris once again. We have such a great connection, it’s a pleasure to work with him. The influences for this track from a sound point of view was, and always will be, my love of country music, it’s a very modern country style, with hints of Fleetwood Mac. Jammy Harris, knew what I was going for and produced a great track.

“From a personal view, this song touches on the feeling of never being good enough for anyone, but I wrote it in a style where it can be a power track. A song you can listen to, to make you feel good enough and strong enough. To always feel like the one with the power. Sometimes you need that”

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