Newport Crime Fiction Writer To Discuss Books At Cwtsch Fundraising Event

Newport Crime Fiction writer and Performance Poet Alan Roderick is to discuss his books at a forthcoming fund raiser in aid of Cwtsch Community & Arts Centre on October 1, 2021.

The Cwtsch First Friday event will feature the former schoolteacher discussing his most famous creation, Astrid Price, a red-haired private eye and former outside half for the Welsh women’s rugby team who embraces the art of tai chi when placed in a tight corner during her investigations.

Astrid has featured in several of Alan’s books and was reimagined into an audio series entitled Astrid Investigates during 2020 by Welsh actor and producer Daniel Llewellyn-Williams.

Alan Roderick will discuss his books at a fund raiser in aid of Cwtsch Community & Arts Centre on October 1, 2021. Photo: Jim Allbright.

Love Of Detective Books Inspired Writer

Alan had written 12 non-fiction books about Newport and Gwent, before publishing two fictional books on Astrid in 2016.

Astrid, who fights crime on the streets of South Wales in an alternate reality under a newly independent Welsh republic, came about when Alan signed up for a creative writing course. Presented with a short-story project, Alan combined his love of detective stories with the name of a leading character from a romantic story he’d written several years before.

Alan’s latest Astrid Price mystery, Astrid and the Girl in The Tangerine Dress was published earlier this year. The author has also released several poetry collections.

  • The Cwtsch event takes place at 7.30 pm on Friday 1st Oct, 2021 at Cwtsh Community & Arts Centre, 226 Stow Hill, Newport, NP20 4HA. Entry is £3 and further information is available by contacting Alan via

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