One Night With Marilyn Monroe – at Newport’s Dolman Theatre!

One of cinema’s greatest film icons is set to make her debut on the stage of Newport’s Dolman Theatre, performed by no less than three actors!

Marilyn Monroe is taking to the stage on a worldwide level with a series of rehearsed reading presentations to be held over the next year to commemorate ‘Marilyn 60’, the 60th anniversary of the icons tragic passing in August 1962.

The PT Rose play, One Night with Marilyn was previously performed in London during 2016 and starred Joanne Clifton as Marilyn Monroe.  Producer, Karen Struel-White has already secured teams of actors and co-producers across the UK and abroad to perform the play in local venues.

​The play, based on true-life events takes place in February 1961, when Marilyn Monroe was sectioned by her psychiatrist Dr. Marianne Kris to the Payne Whitney Clinic, the psychiatric division of Cornell University New York. Marilyn was under the impression she was being sent for some rest and recuperation by her trusted doctor.  As she was being escorted into the clinic Marilyn became aware that this was no ordinary place and became anxious. One Night With Marilyn plays out a possible scenario when Marilyn must assess her past to help her face her future.

Liz Keech, Emily Rose Smallwood and Taryn Meryck will play three aspects of Marilyn Monroe in One Night With Marilyn by PT Rose at the Dolman Theatre on November 4, 2021

Marilyn Script Raises Mental Health Awareness

In South Wales, presentations have recently been performed in Cardiff and Swansea. A Newport presentation is scheduled for November 4 at the Dolman Theatre featuring players from several local societies. Liz Keech, Emily Rose Smallwood and Taryn Meryck will all play different aspects of Marilyn Monroe’s personality.

Newport executive Producer Andy Howells says, “One Night With Marilyn is a well written and nicely observed script. Not only does it delve into the person who was Marilyn Monroe but gives a good insight into Mental Health awareness as well.

“I’m very excited for this production to be performed at Newport’s Dolman Theatre. We have a brilliant cast who are very passionate about the script and the subject matter and I’m sure this one-off performance is going to be memorable.”

The Newport cast of the rehearsed read-through of One Night With Marilyn by PT Rose at the Dolman Theatre on November 4, 2021

Global Icon Marilyn Monroe Celebrated in Newport

Swansea based Producer Karen Struel-White of the Marilyn 60 project said :

‘The event is part of the of the WORLDWIDE ‘Marilyn 60’ celebrations of the star’s life. There are already planned reads across the UK, USA, Middle East and India.  The script has also been translated into over 20 languages including Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish and Hindi proving beyond doubt Marilyn will always be a GLOBAL icon.

“I am delighted to see the read stage in Newport using local actors and venue. This performance makes it a South Wales hat trick!’

One Night with Marilyn will be performed at Newport’s Dolman Theatre on November 4th with a cast of local actors performing script in hand to a small audience who will have feedback forms to fill in. This will help shape the script for a future full-scale presentation. The end goal being a locally cast and performed full stage presentation in 2022. Tickets for the rehearsed read-through event are free, but extremely limited and are available via Eventbrite

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