Perverse Demand in Penarth Fashion Launch For Nathan Palmer

British based fashion designer Nathan Palmer is to launch his latest brand Perverse Demand at The Pavilion (Gallery), Penarth on November 2nd.

In Autumn of 2014, Palmer introduced his brand and it’s been growing ever since. Showcasing at venues like Hensol Castle with crews of models including Matt Johnson and Shane Williams, Palmer has escalated his brands coverage successfully.

Speaking of the inspiration behind Perverse Demand, Nathan Palmer (a former player for Newport RFC) states, “The debut unisex collection combines 70’s Los Angeles skate culture with an unmistakably preppy chic that hasn’t really been done before.

“I love when worlds collide and a fusion of categories whether that is the creative sphere of fashion and food that can transport a brand to a whole new level and push their identity towards fresh and exciting heights’’.

Perverse Demand is said to have heavily romanticised the late 90s with “upscale glamour”. The label is described as designed for lounging and maximum ease.
In the past, Palmer has judged Miss Wales and dressed Ian Wright, Charles Venn and Lauren Price Olyh among many others.

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