National Theatre Releases Three Songs From Upcoming New Musical – Hex

The National Theatre has released studio recordings of three songs: ‘Probly’, ‘Sixteen’ and ‘In the Middle’. As well as confirmed the cast for the upcoming new musical, Hex.

The musical is to be an original retelling of Sleeping Beauty, going beyond the kiss and telling the story from the fairy’s perspective. The fairy will be played by Rosaline Craig.

Michael Elcock as Bert, Rosalie Craig as Fairy, Kat Ronney as Rose and Tamsin Carroll as Queenie in Hex at the National Theatre

‘Probly’ will be performed by Rosalie Craig as the fairy, just after she has been invited to bless the new baby, Rose. 

‘Sixteen’ is sung by Kat Ronney as Rose, the night before her sixteenth birthday as she dreams of leaving her overprotective parents and palace life.

In the Middle’ is to be sung by Rosalie Craig as the fairy as well as Tamsin Carroll as Queenie, just after the birth of the Prince.

The cast is led by Tamsin Carroll as Queenie, Rosalie Craig as Fairy, Michael Elcock as Bert and Kat Ronney as Rose, alongside Christopher Akrill, Delroy Atkinson, Sonya Cullingford, Hanna Dimtsu and many others. 

  • Hex begins performances in the Olivier theatre on Saturday 4 December, with press night on Wednesday 15 December. It is recommended for ages 8+
  • The studio sessions will be released by Broadway Records and available on all major digital retailers today.

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