Emily Finds Marilyn Monroe Role “An Incredible Opportunity”

The Newport rehearsed reading of PT Rose’ play, One Night with Marilyn takes place at the Dolman Theatre on November 4 and features three aspects of the iconic actress at various stages in her life played by Emily Smallwood, Liz Keech and Taryn Meyrick.

Emily will be portraying Marilyn as the iconic movie star that many fans will recognise from classic films such as The Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot and has described the experience as “an incredible opportunity.”

Playing Marilyn has been an education for Emily during rehearsals as she explains: “I’ve always thought she was an incredibly talented actress and singer but never fully understood the reasons for her demise.”

Liz Keech, Emily Smallwood and Taryn Meyrick all play aspects of Marilyn Monroe in One Night With Marilyn at Newport’s Dolman theatre on November 4.

Mental Health Brought To Forefront in Play

In One Night with Marilyn, based on true-life events which takes place in February 1961, when Marilyn Monroe was sectioned by her psychiatrist Dr Marianne Kris to New York’s Payne Whitney Clinic, Marilyn’s mental health issues are brought to the forefront.

Emily continues, “When you watch her in the movies looking so glamorous, being incredibly funny and confident it’s hard to imagine that she was battling with her mental health.

The cast of One Night With Marilyn for the rehearsed read-through at Newport’s Dolman Theatre on November 4.

“I’m currently studying to become a psychotherapist and firmly believe that mental health is slowly but surely becoming less stigmatised. However, we must become more aware of the less obvious signs of mental health deterioration to look after ourselves and those around us.”

Emily will play opposite Liz Keech who plays Marilyn as she arrives in the clinic. The actresses have already established a strong rapport working together in Newport Playgoers Society. The pair will play alongside each other in Vanity Fair at the Minack next summer.

“We gel so well as actresses,” says Emily of Liz, “It is incredibly satisfying to work opposite her, we have a fun year ahead!

How To See One Night With Marilyn in Newport

One Night with Marilyn will be performed at Newport’s Dolman Theatre on 7.30pm November 4th, with a cast of local actors performing script in hand to a small audience who will have feedback forms to fill in. This will help shape the script for a future full-scale presentation. The end goal being a locally cast and performed full stage presentation in 2022.

Tickets for the rehearsed read-through event are free but now extremely limited and are available via Eventbrite.

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