“I Give The Best of Myself to Any Task Ahead of Me” – Fashion Designer Nathan Palmer Interview

British based fashion designer Nathan Palmer launches his latest brand, Perverse Demand at Penarth’s Pavilion (Gallery) on November 2nd.

Nathan Palmer introduced his brand in the autumn of 2014 and ihas showcased at venues like Hensol Castle with crews of models including Matt Johnson and Shane Williams.

Thomas Howells recently put questions to Nathan Palmer, a former player for Newport RFC, about his career in fashion design.

Nathan Palmer says his rugby career was the building blocks to where giving the best in his work comes.

When did you discover you had a passion for design, particularly clothes?

I knew I liked fashion design from a young age, however it really became clear to me at about 16 when I was making custom designed clothes for my friends.  I was able to give them a product they were happy with which would only motivate me to make more and to design more complex products. That’s when I discovered my passion for design.

You were quite well known as a rugby player, so how did people respond to you designing?

For me, my rugby career was the building blocks from where my passion for giving the best in my work comes. I give the best of myself to any task ahead of me. When I design, that same passion and determination can be seen and the results show what else I am capable of.

What was it like first receiving criticism for your work?

I am a firm believer of using constructive criticism to help develop my skills and grow the business. Customer satisfaction is my prime concern, so I strive to produce outfits of the highest standards, first time, and work with clients along the way so the results are something we are both immensely happy with at the end of the journey. My aim is to create an enjoyable experience for the client as well as outstanding outfits. Building a good relationship is integral to that result.

Nathan Palmer’s new brand is entitled Perverse Demand

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I find inspiration not only in fashion but friends and peers. Colours and fabrics tend to be the source of most inspiration as it leads the story of a product and the direction of the design.

How has following your passion for design changed your life?

Design is a complex thing, it takes time, painstaking repetition and a high patience level, these are skills I have near perfected and take into my everyday lifestyle. Designing has given me the opportunity to become self-employed and have a better work life balance.

Can you tell us a bit about Perverse Demand and the inspiration behind it?

Debbie and I have created a concept that is based around the Sneaker head, the skater and urban street wear. Perverse Demand is the alter ego, where worlds collide and are brought together in forms of clothing and lifestyle.

Perverse Demand will be launched in Penarth on November 2

You’ve designed clothes for many people.  Is there anything that has ever proved an unusual or outstanding commission?

I have done a variety of commissions over the years. The things that spring to mind are a dress for a Netflix film called Sinderella main actress leading character, a Gown Dress and tuxedo suit worn by Welsh Olympic boxing medallists Lauren Price & Karriss Artingstall on the red carpet at the GQ awards, a High Sheriff Suit for a High Sheriffs Declaration. Also, for Sam Warburton OBE, collecting his OBE from Buckingham Palace and Ian Wright MBE for the FA cup final day at Wembley.

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