Young People Inspire New Roustabout Play, This Island’s Mine at Blackwood Miners Institute

Bristol’s  theatre company: Roustabout worked with 195 primary and secondary students to develop its new show, This Island’s Mine in early 2020.

The making of the play is informed directly by the thoughts and opinions of the students. Toby Hulse is the writer and director. Set in the world of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, this play encourages young people to explore sensitive issues like colonisation, immigration and national identity.

Kesty Morrison, Robin Hemmings & Eleanor Pead in a scene from This Island’s Mine to be performed at Blackwood Miner’s Institute on November 6 Photo: Craig Fuller

New Show Focuses On Island Inhabitants Debate

This Island’s Mine focuses on a debate between three inhabitants of an island – one of the first people, a second generation religious refugee and a Western coloniser – who all believe the island is theirs. 

“Ariel was always here. Caliban was born here. And Stephano has just arrived. They all claim ‘this island’s mine’. But do any of them have that right? And what happens if they can’t agree?”

The cast of This Island’s Mine consists of: Robin Hemmings, from Oxford Playhouse’s One Small Step, as Caliban; Hamlet’s Kesty Morrison as Ariel and Eleanor Pead, from The Barbican’s Why Would You, as Stephano. 

Robin Hemmimgs & eleanor Pead in This Island’s Mine will be performed at Blackwood Miner’s Institute on November 6 and is suitable for ages 7+ Photo: Craig Fuller

When To See This Island’s Mine in Blackwood

This Island’s Mine will play on Saturday 6 November 2021 at 11am and 2pm in Blackwood Miners’ Institute and is suitable for ages 7+.

For more information about This Island’s Mine visit Blackwood Miners Institute or call the Box Office on 01495 227206. 

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