A Look at New Heartwarming Welsh Documentary, Men Who Sing

Dartmouth Films has announced the release of Dylan Williams feature documentary Men Who Sing.

This portrait of a male voice choir begins when the filmmaker’s father sells the family home to arrange his own funeral. His only remaining solace is Tuesday night practice, but with an average age of 74 and suffering a haemorrhaging of the bass section, the choir is in a crisis. So, they begin searching for middle aged brown haired men who can rescue the choir.

Director Dylan Williams explained: “The story began when my father telephoned me for the first time since I had moved to Sweden 15 years earlier, to tell me that he had sold our family home and was busy throwing the majority of its contents into a hired skip.

“Upon my return to help him move, I found him preparing his funeral arrangements. Despite enjoying excellent health, he is nonetheless 90, and since the death of my mother he had felt increasingly isolated. The one notable outlier however was his beloved choir”

  • Men Who Sing will be released in cinemas including Chapter, Cardiff and Theatr Clwyd, Mold from Friday, 5th November, 2021.

Published by Thomas Howells

The doctor said I should be in hospital for all the blood I was losing, but instead I went to drama practice

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