Picture Special: One Night With Marilyn (Rehearsed Read-Through), Dolman Theatre, Newport

The Newport rehearsed-readthrough of PT Rose play’ One Night with Marilyn took place on November 4 at Newport’s Dolman Theatre.

The play, on true-life events and takes place in February 1961, when Marilyn Monroe was sectioned by her psychiatrist to the Payne Whitney Clinic, the psychiatric division of Cornell University New York. With Marilyn under the impression, she was being sent for some rest and recuperation by her trusted doctor, she soon becomes aware that the clinic is no ordinary place. One Night with Marilyn plays out a possible scenario when Marilyn must assess her past to help her face her future.

Marilyn Monroe Play Commemorates Film Legend

The Newport rehearsed reading presentation was the third to take place in South Wales and commemorated ‘Marilyn 60’, the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s tragic passing in August 1962.

All rehearsed read through performances are produced by Karen Struel-White and are taking place at local venues across the UK and abroad into 2022.

The play, which was executive produced by Andy Howells featured a magnificent cast of local actors from various groups in the Newport, Cardiff and Monmouthshire areas including Liz keech, Emily Smallwood, Terrance Marshman Edwards, Dianne Hayes, Adele Cordner (who also provided direction), Nicky Davies, Steele Quinnell, Graeme Johnson, Paul Macey, Taryn Meyrick, Phil Davies, David Eynon-Williams and Rob Murphy.

One Night with Marilyn was well received by all who attended the Dolman Theatre on November 4 and feedback forms were completed afterwards to help develop the play further inro the future.

Marilyn Monroe Play Helps Local Charity

As the play addresses mental health issues, a collection, led by cast member Nicky Davies was taken on the night for the local charity Papyrus, The Prevention of Suicide in Young People of which a total of £250 was raised.

Pictured are a selection of photographs featuring the cast of the Newport presentation of One Night with Marilyn taken from the rehearsal  and the performance.

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