It’s A Matter of Life & Love As Skinny Lister Prepare To Play Cardiff

A Matter of Life & Love is the fifth album from Skinny Lister and has been described by the Folk/Punk stalwarts as a collection of tracks that “really matter to them”.

Expressing the band’s delight, Dan Heptinstall states: “It’s great to have made it to album number 5, and we can’t wait to see what further adventures lay in store for us as we get it out there on the road and into the world! 

“One of the notable things about this album is that it has been entirely produced, recorded and mixed by us. This has been a very liberating experience, not only allowing us to employ all that we’ve learnt from the top producers of our previous four albums, but also truly realise our own vision of the tracks. We’re very proud of the results.” 

One of the albums 12 tracks, Damn The Amsterdam sees Skinny Lister team up with The Longest Johns for a particularly salty kind of sea shanty.

With the new album out in the world, Skinny Lister are now performing a run of UK dates. South Wales fans can catch them on November 13 at Cardiff Globe

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