Have A Horrible Histories Christmas with Unique COVID Secure Cardiff Drive-In Panto!

You can relax this December with Car Park Panto’s Horrible Christmas. If traditional panto at your local theatre is too expensive for the whole family, then Horrible Christmas offers tickets that cover the car, not the people inside, so you can bring whoever you want and know that you will be sat safely among family and friends rather than in a theatre auditorium.

With the closing of theatres across the country in 2020, Birmingham Stage Company and Coalition Presents worked together to save Christmas by putting on the world’s first drive-in panto.  

Horrible Christmas is a unique Covid secure experience, where kids and adults are able to jump in their own seats and make as much noise as they like. 

Horrible Christmas is ar Cardiff Airport on December 22 at 2pm and 5pm and the 23rd of December at 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

Horrible Christmas:”Truly Unique and Festive Event”

Neal Foster of Birmingham Stage Company says: “We were amazed and thrilled how totally successful the Car Park Party productions proved to be during the last eighteen months – and we’re delighted to be back on tour again with our Horrible Histories production of Horrible Christmas! It turns live theatre into a truly unique and festive event!”

Horrible Christmas looks at the scenario of a jolly man dressed in red threatening Christmasas everyone knows it and it’s up to one young boy to save the day. 

In a show about the history of Christmas delivered in a way that only Horrible Histories can, the production features everything from Victorian villains to Medieval monks, Puritan parties to Tudor treats. Expect a fun history Christmas history lesson as Charles Dickens, Oliver Cromwell, King Henry VIII and St Nicholas join forces to save the festive season!

The show will be in Cardiff Airport on December 22 at 2pm and 5pm and the 23rd of December at 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

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