Foxxglove is High on Hope with New Single

From Cardiff-based Alt/Dark pop artist Foxxglove, comes her third single, High on Hope, a positive and upbeat alt-pop/rock track to close the year out. Allowing her pitch-perfect vocals to soar, the optimistic track is about life after a turbulent time in someone’s life, stepping to the edge of despair & pulling yourself back. 

Foxxglove talks about the track saying, “High on Hope is born out of desperately trying to find like minded people and to be accepted and live fearlessly.

“I first thought of the lyrics whilst in alternative night clubs in Cardiff such as ‘Metros’ and ‘Team Up’ with my friends. I remember feeling happy and free and that I could be completely and utterly myself, something that I haven’t always felt throughout my life.

High on Hope is the new release from Foxxglove

“It’s kind of an anthem for ‘outcasts and oddballs’. I was bullied throughout my time at school and always made to feel like a ‘weirdo’ or a ‘freak’. But I found people who were just as unique as I was and we all come together at these alternative night clubs and it just feels amazing like ‘getting high on hope’. That’s what the song encapsulates.” 

The complex pop melodies of High on Hope are produced by Minas, with Jed Robertson embellishing the lyrics with guitar. 

  • High on Hope by Foxxglove is out on December 10 2021 and available via all major digital streaming and download platforms.
  • Foxxglove has announced that she will be supporting Thrill Collins on Saturday March 26, 2022 at Tiny Rebel Cardiff.

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