Review: Russian State Ballet of Siberia- Cinderella, St David’s Hall, Cardiff

Seren Howells reviews the Russian State Ballet of Siberia, accompanied by the Russian State Ballet Orchestra presentation of Cinderella at Cardiff’s St David’s Hall on December 17, 2021.

A well-produced and choreographed show, telling the story of the well-known story Cinderella. Sergei Bobrov choreography was stunning with the added surprise of contemporary influences throughout.

Making incredible use of a back-drop projection that shows the location that you are in at every moment really helps draw you and be fully immersed into the story that is being told. Even though there is no set, the costumes help tell such a story and add so much colour to the performance that you almost forget that you are watching a show.

The bright lights the show employs are incredibly successful at making certain scenes more intense, scary, and exciting. The lighting showcases each area perfectly, while showing the seasons and each small character brilliantly.

The ballet Cinderella is performed at St David’s Hall on December 18 and 19 2021.

There are many outstanding performances from the ensemble cast. With Matvei Nikishaev as the stepmother, who worked extremely well with Yaroslava Bolsunovskaya as 1st stepsister and Anastasiia Osokina as 2nd stepsister to create a lot of humour throughout the performance. Anna Fedosva also brought a lot of magic to the performance as the Fairy.

Lastly, you can’t forget about Elena Svinko as Cinderella and Marcello Pelizzoni as the Prince who worked very well together to produce dances that just had the audience drawn in and captivated at every moment.

Cinderella is an amazing performance and would recommend taking your family to enjoy!

  • The ballet presentation of Cinderella continues at Cardiff’s St David’s Hall until December 18, 2021.
  • For ticket information visit

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