Sister Tells Story of Shadows Guitarist Brian ‘Licorice’ Locking In New Book, Me And My Shadow

The sister of former Shadows bass guitarist, Brian Licorice Locking is paying tribute to her brother by releasing a biography of his life entitled Me and My Shadow.

Babs Wilson recalls Brian’s’ personal life story through his Incredible love of life, music and people in a new book entitled Me and My Shadow, released through New Generation Publishing.

Babs says of Brian, who passed away in 2020, “He was happy playing to anyone, anywhere to individuals, in pubs, charity events, parties, up to famous venues in Paris and London and he could ‘talk the hind legs off a donkey’!”

Brian’s lively persona is recalled in the new book which spans his music career from practising music on a little toy mouth organ, via ‘Skiffle’ in the 1950s and the very beginning of the British Rock’n Roll Scene in London at the Famous 2i’s Coffee Bar in Soho where ‘struggling and starving’ musicians and groups came to their fame or demise!

Brian was one of the more fortunate musicians, joining Marty Wilde’s backing band before finding further fame replacing Jet Harris as bass guitarist with The Shadows with whom he played alongside Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett. Not only did Brian perform on classic Shadows hits such as Guitar Tango, Dance On! and FootTapper but also provided backing on several of Cliff Richard’s recordings including Bachelor Boy and Summer Holiday. Later, Brian’s personal beliefs led him to turn his back on showbusiness and return to a simpler lifestyle.

However, Brian didn’t stay in the shadows of his former career and was encouraged to return to the music scene many years later and went on to become a great ambassador at Shadows Music Conventions in the UK and Worldwide right up until his passing.

While participating with many other Musicians and Events, and offering advice as required, he made and maintained wonderful friendships with both love and humour to everyone he met in all walks of life and situations, whilst delighting many with live music.

Babs, who wrote Brian’s biography during lockdown says, “He’s so sadly missed, but will never be forgotten, especially by me, his ‘little sis’!”

  • Me and My Shadow by Babs Wilson is available through all good booksellers including Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble and directly from New Generation Publishing.

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