Rebecca Loebe Brings True Songs and a Lie to Newport’s Tredegar House Folk Festival

Rebecca Loebe is many things: an award-winning songwriter living in Austin, a celebrated vocalist and, occasionally, a liar.

It started during lockdown when she saw over 150 concerts canceled in the blink of an eye. “My entire profession disappeared overnight,” she stated.

Falling back on her degree in audio engineering, and camera experience she picked on the first season of “The Voice,” Loebe outfitted her home office into a broadcast studio and began performing online concerts to her fans. 

To keep things interesting, she started lying; in every concert, she performed original songs and told stories about her life. At the end of the concert, audiences would guess which story was a lie for a chance to win a prize. 

The show was a hit with her fanbase, and in 2022 she’ll begin performing it live onstage for the first time in theaters and listening rooms across The United States, Europe, and the UK.

  • TRUE SONGS AND A LIE with Rebecca Loebe will be performed at Tredegar House Folk Festival, Newport on May 6.

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