Daniel Llewelyn Williams Returns To Newport Stage in Comedy, Horse Country

Newport actor Daniel Llewelyn Williams is to return to the Riverfront Theatre in Horse Country, a play directed by Mark Bell, known for his work on The Play That Goes Wrong and Cluedo. The presentation will be co-produced by Flying Bridge Theatre Company with Rive Productions.

Horse Country, a euphemism for the United States, is a play about, Bob and Sam, two average men, attempting to solve the problem of seals, western culture, fish, genocide and the American Dream across a table, while endlessly drinking Bourbon and searching for the elusive nine of diamonds. They appear to have been at the table for some time, perhaps forever. 

This comedy uses Beckett in a Vaudeville-esque, absurdist love affair with words and meaning. A hilariously provocative take on early 21st Century American culture, tHorse Country is a piece on behaviour, values and beliefs.

“It was such a thrill to get back on the stage in front of an audience last year, following a long time in lockdown,” says Daniel Llewelyn Williams. “Sadly, theatres have found themselves in a similar position with Christmas seasons being cut short because of COVID again in December. We chose this piece because it has a lot of humour with a high tempo and will offer audiences a night out which will get them thinking and laughing after too long of being sat at home in front of the TV”.

Director Mark Bell continues: “It’s such a great time to do a piece like this. Where we are, politically, people are starting to ask questions, trying to make sense of a changing world. 

“In the play, Bob and Sam attempt to put the world to rights at breakneck speed in the best way that two clowns, stuck in a perpetual time loop can. We’ve been having a lot of fun in the rehearsal room with actors Daniel Llewelyn-Williams and Michael Edwards and we really can’t wait to put the show in front of an audience again”.

  • Horse Country plays The Riverfront, Newport for one-night only on Thursday March 31st at 8pm. This date has been rescheduled from the previously announced March 17th. Tickets can be purchased at www.newportlive.co.uk or by calling 01633 656757.

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