Review: Menopause The Musical 2: Cruising Through Chaos, New Theatre, Cardiff

Jackie Davies visits Cardiff’s New Theatre to check out the sequel to Menopause The Musical, in which this time the stars are Cruising Through Chaos!

The audience at Cardiff’s New Theatre were more than ready for the sequel to the original hit show, ‘Menopause the Musical’ as we fast forwarded five years to catch the same four characters setting sail in the new offering ‘ Cruising Through Menopause’.

The audience, made up largely of women of that ‘certain age’ wasted no time in welcoming our four long-time friends to the stage. This time they’ve joined a cruise to get away from it all, and it is not long before we realise, that in general the ‘all’ that they are getting away from are errant sons, husbands and ex boyfriends.

The one thing they all share is the menopause and they waste no time in expressing all of it’s inconveniences in a series of energetic song parodies, brilliantly performed, with lyrics both hilarious and accurate.

The four complement each other well and we are soon taken into their confidence as they share their stories of life, love, loss and disappointment.

There is warmth, charm, poignancy but above all else self-deprecating humour in spades.

The triumph is in the chemistry between the characters that Crissy Rock, Rebecca Wheatly, Nikki French and Susie Fenwick bring to life, and their mood swings, hot flushes and weight issues are met with empathy by the entire audience.

It’s impossible not to be won over by their honesty, and their unfailing friendship strikes a chord with us all.

Sharp, uplifting and incredibly funny, we look forward to sharing another ‘vino’ in Menopause the Musical 3!

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