Feeder Torpedo Across UK With New Album

South Wales rockers Feeder are back with a new album and a series of UK dates. Since launching out of Newport, South Wales in the 1990s, Feeder have maintained an enviable forward motion releasing 10 studio albums and over 40 EP’s and singles accumulating 26 Top 40 chart singles.

One of the few rock bands still in the predominantly synth-pop world, they secured new heights of popularity around the world with 2017’s ‘Best Of’.

After following up two years later with their tenth album, ‘Tallullah’, which garnered another British Top 5, Feeder were seemingly only growing until the pandemic hit.

The band comprising Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose have not been idle however and are now currently touring with their new album, ‘Torpedo’, performing a series of dates across the UK including Bristol’s O2 Academy on April 27.

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