Newport Playgoers Society Give Vanity Fair a Modern Twist at Dolman Theatre

Newport Playgoers Society are to present Vanity Fair at the Dolman Theatre between June 14th – June 18th, 2022.

Vanity Fair follows Becky Sharp, a young woman born with every disadvantage and a firm determination to take Georgian society by storm – whatever the cost! As Becky climbs the greasy pole, pretty, rich Amelia Sedley is sliding inexorably towards ruin. The loves and lives of the two women cross and recross in this retelling of William Makepeace Thackeray’s classic tale, which is as exuberant, witty, and unorthodox as its irrepressible heroine.

Production for Vanity Fair, which will also be presented by Newport Playgoers at this years Minack Festival began prior to lockdown.

Director, Clare Drewitt explains: “I’m delighted to see Vanity Fair coming to life on stage with such a strong and upbeat cast and crew – not least because this project has been three years in the making.”

The play although set in the Georgian era has much in common with the present day, and this is reflected in the presentation with a particular modern twist.

Clare continues: “From the start I wanted to emphasise the links between the past and present and show how the stories of these 19th-century women are relevant and present today. With that in mind I chose to set the play to modern music, the pop culture and girl bands echoing the themes of the play – lust, loss, love and filthy lucre!”

Performances for Vanity Fair will start at 7:15pm, with an additional matinee performance at 2:00pm on the Saturday.

  • For more information about this performance, please contact the Dolman Theatre on 01633 263670 or visit the Dolman Theatre website.

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