Award-Winning Theatre Company Explore Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at Chapter Arts Centre

A new show giving an entertaining exploration into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will be premiered by award-winning theatre company StammerMouth at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff this month.

CHOO CHOO!’ (You are not your thoughts.)’ plays from July 20 -23 and takes the audience on a journey into the workings of OCD and a mind that isn’t always very nice to its owner.

The production combines the talents of writer Nye Russell Thompson (StammerMouth) and director Nerida Bradley (Revolt. She Said. Revolt again) and is a disability led performance giving a silly and surreal exploration of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – a misunderstood and misrepresented condition, told by people who know a bit about it. 

Nye Russell Thompson, the projects lead creative explains ‘’With CHOO CHOO, it’s been great for me to find expressive ways to talk about intrusive thoughts, which affected me as a teenager and young adult. They were the worst years of my life, to put it plainly, and at that age I never would have imagined making a show about them! Intrusive thoughts suck, and I hope we can help people understand them.’’

Director, Nerida Bradley, says “Living through a pandemic has been a very intense experience for those who suffer from OCD and intrusive thoughts – with some people feeling as though the fears and thoughts they have been trying to disarm have been validated. We hope that this silly, playful and earnest piece will help to shine a light on this underrepresented condition in a fun and accessible way.”

StammerMouth is a British award-winning theatre company, created by Nye Russell-Thompson. His alias StammerMouth was born out of the necessity for people to understand how it feels to have a stammer, through self-aware deflective humour, stark minimalism, and audience participation (he likes to make you feel as uncomfortable as he did in his younger days). Forging a brand-new artistic continuum of stark minimalism and terrible opportunistic puns, StammerMouth is at the forefront of contemporary theatre, creating work with freelance professionals to discuss what is difficult to talk about.

StammerMouth has previously partnered with Unlimited; the British Stammering Association; the University of Chichester; the Mike Howley Trus and is the winner of the TicketSource Festival Favourite Award at Cardiff Fringe 2018 and was nominated for the Total Theatre Emerging Artist Award, Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

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