Catch An Audience with Milly-Liu at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre Before Edinburgh Fringe Run

Late-night one-man cat-drag comedy An Audience with Milly-Liu will preview at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre from July 27-30 before its Edinburgh Fringe run at the Pleasance August 3 – 29. 

After their critically acclaimed run of Alix in Wundergarten at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016, difficult|stage are back again with this distinctive black comedy, written and performed by François Pandolfo and directed by Dan Jones, Artistic Director of The Other Room, Cardiff. 

Selected as part of The Pleasance’s Edinburgh National Partnerships scheme and supported by Sherman Theatre, François Pandolfo (Co-founder of Cardiff-based theatre company difficult|stage), brings this fresh, daring and unique brand of cat-drag comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe. An Audience with Milly-Liu is a dark and twisted take on consent in the film industry and pays homage to his eponymous dead pet cat who was, ‘a diva in life and remains a queer icon in death’. 

An Audience with Milly-Liu will preview at Sherman Theatre (27-30 July) before its Edinburgh Fringe run at the Pleasance (3 – 29 August).

The last chapter in the autobiography of an infamous feline movie star! The cat’s out of the bag and Milly-Liu is ready to spill the beans on all your favourite celebrity pussies. From Bagpuss to Felix, she’s worked with the best of them, and been to bed with the rest of them! An Audience with Milly-Liu is a dark and outrageous late-night comedy show hijack about a cat…yes, a cat! A cat with a mighty big fish to fry! Chewed up and spat out, Milly-Liu is the Norma Desmond of the animal kingdom but she’s suddenly once again back in the spotlight at The Edinburgh Fringe… And this time there’s no holding her back!

An Audience with Milly-Liu was originally developed in December 2019 as part of The Other Room’s Selection Box programme. It’s presented by difficult|stage, in association with Sherman Theatre and The Pleasance, with support from The Other Room. For ticket availability visit the Sherman Theatre’s website.

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