Therapy? To Play Swansea’s Sin City

This November, Therapy? will stop in Swansea to play songs from their established catalogue and also introduce new ones from their forthcoming album.

The band have stated: “This tour will be very different to our last few tours, we are playing places and venues that we have not played for a very, very long time or indeed before at all.

“As well as going back to places ‘from our past’ we will also be going back to songs from our past. We will have a totally different setlist to that we had on the ‘Greatest Hits’ tour.

“We will be picking songs from our old catalogues as well as a few from our forthcoming new album. It will be loud and noisy, and may well be the last time that we play some of these songs. So come along to hear the old, the new and the noisy… and be aware that these shows will be much more up close and personal!”

Running since 1990, Therapy? have seen changes in style and collaborated with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and David Holmes. For their 30 year anniversary they released Greatest Hits (2020 Versions). The album brought them to the UK top 40 and was accompanied by a biography of the band written by Simon Young.

The band will hit Sin City, Swansea on November 20.

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