New Release From Welsh Singer/Songwriter, Eleri Angharad: Snake Like You

Welsh singer/songwriter Eleri Angharad returns with a brand-new single; Snake Like You on October 14.

The release features a change in style for Eleri, who not only showcases an edgier vocal and guitar sound, but also a collaboration with Welsh hip-hop artist Millie Blooms!

2022 has been a busy year for Swansea raised artist Eleri who is currently rounding off a series of festival appearances as well as several support slots with some of the biggest names in country music such as Bailey Tomkinson, Tim Prottey-Jones, Jill Andrews and Kezia Gill.

Eleri Angharad collaborates with Millie Blooms on her new single, Snake Like You.

Eleri, who has also been recording her new album explains that the inspiration for her new release are the slimy salesmen we encounter in every walk of life, the chancers who try and charm you with a bottle of snake oil.

“I get constantly bombarded with messages from fake companies promising success,” says Eleri, “Whether it be millions of streams, followers, publishing contracts, or gig offers that when you delve deeper  are either bot generated or just rip you off. It can be an absolute minefield trying to decipher who’s genuine and who’s not and it’s very frustrating.”

Snake Like You is written, produced and features Millie Blooms, as she joins Eleri’s team as Executive Producer for the new album. All instrumentation on this song is arranged by Millie and Dan Fry of Millie Blooms Productions, as well as contributing to the writing process.

Millie further adds “It’s been such an exciting experience collaborating with Eleri to bring ‘Snake Like You’ to life, from concept to realisation. It’s been so cathartic sharing stories of our musical adventures and finding so many similarities, even though we’re from different genres.

“Like Eleri, I too could use a PA to manage the daily expanding list of unpersonal and scandalous DMs that I’m sent, promising me career success at a price. The music industry is full of well presented, snakey people, all trying to take a bite… which led us to produce Snake Like You”.

Eleri adds “Snake Like You is real parting from the pop sound of Nightclub Floor and I’m hoping my fanbase, critics and most importantly you are reading this, will hop up on the saddle next to me for the journey into album number 2!”

Entertainment South Wales’ Andy Howells says: “This is one of Eleri’s strongest releases to date. It’s particularly refreshing when a musician returns with something new and different, while maintaining and building on the quality of previous releases.

Snake Like You also benefits from the passion of a relevant and meaningfully performed lyric from both Eleri and Millie, singing about something we’ve all had experience of. Snake Like You is uplifting as well as a being a bit of an earworm!”

You can catch Eleri Live on October 27 at Acapela Studio, Cardiff alongside Laura Evans and Gareth Lewis. Snake Like You by Eleri Angharad, ft. Millie Blooms is out on Friday 14th October via all major streaming and digital download platforms.

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