Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Seren Howells & Mia Alys Morgan look at a fresh take on a Shakespeare classic at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre.

In a world of arranged relationships, Hermia loves Lysanna , but is being forced to marry Demetrius. Whilst Hermia’s friend Helena secretly adores Demetrius. Escaping into the woods, these four young people find a world without rules and where anything is possible.

And anything really is possible as Mari Izzard and Nia Morais’ adaptation of Shakespeare’s hilarious tale of desire proved when it opened at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre on Tuesday evening. This presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream uniquely combines both Welsh and English dialogue, while breaking the fourth wall so well, the audience can’t help but feel part of the ongoing storyline.

Joe Murphy’s production presents a show within a show and this interpretation of the Shakespeare classic features amazing comic timing from Sion Pritchard as Bottom / Egeus which keeping the audience laughing throughout the show.

Interestingly, this production also adds the aspect of dance, which really enhances the dynamic of characters such as Tom Mumford’s Demetrius and Lauren Morais Lysanna and the comedy aspect of their characters.

Sound and light are utilised effectively showing the use of magic, while popular music such as I Want to Know what Love is help fuse beautifully with the productions unfolding text.

A wonderfully distinctive and creatively set reflects the statuses of the characters highs and lows. All in all, this brilliantly portrayed interpretation makes A Midsummer Night’s Dream an unmissable treat for any theatre fan that enjoys a Shakespearian cocktail of classic and modern in the same evening.

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