Freyja Elsy Embraces Change on Third Single “Golden Hour”

Freyja Elsy is an independent songwriter and composer who produces layered, striking music from her home studio in Cardiff. Incorporating both pop technique and classical influence under her own momentum and direction, she has already released two well received singles – ‘Lungs’ in April 2021 and ‘Requiem’ in May 2022. Her third single ‘Golden Hour’ encapsulates the nervous joy that comes with change and seeking the strength and bravery to take a different path.

Golden Hour’ – the time in which an amber glow emerges from the sun rising or setting – alludes to the developments, growth and transitions of life. These transformations can be met with positivity for a new beginning or a fear of stepping out into the unknown. Experimenting with vocal chopping alongside deep harmonies, Elsy constructs a warm sonic bath of piano, strings and synthesisers around lilting melodies and uplifting crescendos.

Previous singles ‘Lungs’ and ‘Requiem’ drew praise, coverage and radio play internationally – including BBC 6Music. On ‘Lungs’ the BBC’s Adam Walton said: “This gave me goosebumps that haven’t subsided since I first heard it … off-the-scale evocative” and for ‘Requiem’ Circuit Sweet said of Elsy: “A classic composer on all levels with an understanding of connection within their creations.”

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