Review: Christmas at Bute Park, Cardiff

Andy Howells returns to review Christmas at Bute Park, the biggest light-trail in Wales!

One of the most innovative and interesting event attractions last Christmas was the first Wales festive lights trail Christmas at Bute Park.

With an essence on creative light and nature and less on tacky commercialism, Christmas at Bute Park remains the perfect antidote to the hustle, bustle of Christmas preparations and events. Let’s face it, how many of us occasionally want to withdraw from family arguments or more social gatherings?

Situated by Cardiff Castle and near the City Centre, several car parks and bus-stops and a 10-minute walk from the railway station, the venue is easy to find and family friendly too.

It begins to turn dark around 4pm now, so it is a particularly good event to plan a tea-time walk around for the family. Wrap up warm and you will suddenly find yourself noticing aspects of plant life that are given more prominence in the night light. From the fairy light features of Light Canyon to the ferocious energy of the Fire Garden colourful light bounces, weaves and reflects in and around nature.

Marshmallow Land and Liquid Sky may sound like venues from a fantasy feature, but like so many others draw the natural aura of air into vision to create startling and frequently natural visual effects.

It can take around an hour to 90 minutes to enjoy the light trail as a whole and there are opportunities to stop for a mince pie, toast some marshmallows or drink a cup of hot chocolate. With food and toilet facilities on site, this event continues to warm hearts and is an essential addition to the Christmas to-do list – if only just to gain some essential seasonal time-out. Treat yourself!

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