Review: Death Drop: Back In The Habit, New Theatre, Cardiff

Seren Howells gets back in the habit of reviewing some of her favourite drag stars in an utterly fabulous new comedy at Cardiff’s New Theatre.

From the producers who brought Jujubee and Latrice Royale to theatres across the country, ‘Death Drop: Back In The Habit’ promises to be another “killer show…that absolutely slays.”  The production is written by Rob Evans and directed by Jesse Jones.

‘Death Drop: Back In The Habit” does not disappoint, this thrilling story captivates the audience from beginning to end. Never knowing what will happen next or what turn the story will take, it’s sure to scare you, while making you laugh with each actor’s dazzling performance.

Willam, Cheryl Hole, River Medway and Victoria Scone work amazingly together to put on a fabulous performance which have us in stitches. By breaking the fourth wall they make the audience feel part of this creepy story and surprise us in more ways than one.

Louis Cyfer as Father Alife Romeo helped carry this story through to the end, and also works really well with the rest of the cast to create the thrilling storyline. 

Considering there is such a small set, the staging is utilised extremely well while Rory Beaton’s amazing lighting design added to the effects of making us laugh, but also scaring us to death.

Make sure to catch this utterly fabulous show before it leaves Cardiff’s New Theatre on December 3!

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