Review: Tales Of The Brothers Grimm, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Rebecca Royall reviews the Sherman Theatre’s 2022 Christmas Show, Tales of The Brothers Grimm.

Once upon a time in the Sherman Theatre a play was performed.

Set in Cardiff on Christmas Eve 1913, a young girl called Stevie, brilliantly played by Lily Beau receives a present from her Uncles Will and Jack, played by Kyle Lima and James Ifan, a book of stories by the Brothers Grimm. Whilst attempting to read the book Stevie is transported to the Grimmdom, a magical land where Grimm characters live out their tales, which is in peril from the Snow Queen, played by writer Hannah McPake. Can Stevie save Grimmdom and return home to her Suffragette mother, also played by Hannah McPake?

Like all good fairy tales, Tales Of The Brothers Grimm is a story of personal growth and triumph and there is much to admire about this production directed by Joe Murphy. McPake’s script is comedically sharp, the talented cast, including Keiron Self, Katie-Elin Salt, Bethzienna Williams, Sarah Workman and Micheal Morgan, give stellar performances, particularly Self as the narrator, engaging with the audience superbly.

Tucked away onstage is a band that interacts with characters during musical numbers, the songs are fantastic and all vocals are incredible. Lighting, sound, special effects and costume provide a festive atmosphere. Simply watching the Grimm brothers dance in sparkly lederhosen is worth the ticket fee alone! 

Extremely funny, with heartfelt moments, Tales Of The Brothers Grimm puts smiles on faces of all ages, with a central message as relevant now as when the play is set, and reminds us that although life isn’t a fairy tale we can achieve our happily ever after.

  • Tales of The Brothers Grimm runs at The Sherman Theatre until December 31. For ticket details visit the Sherman Theatre website.

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