Review: The Lion, The B!tch And The Wardrobe, Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Rachel Howells visits Wales Millennium Centre’s Weston Studio for some risqué adult entertainment in the form of The Lion, The B!tch And The Wardrobe.

A cabaret-style show transforms the Weston studio in the Wales Millennium Centre to a magical winterland where amazing things happen as we journey with Polly Amorous and the cast of the The Lion, The B!tch And The Wardrobe.

From the opening chords of the magnificent Christmas medley, Polly Amorous has the audience in the palm of her hand. Cleverly set in the round, Polly keeps the audience engaged by performing to all four corners of the stage and by the end has the whole audience joining in with the medley.

Accompanying Polly was the multi-talented Felix Sürbe who supplied the musical direction for the show, as well as his juggling talents at differing points through the story.  Felix provided lots of entertainment especially in the variety of his facial expressions reacting to the cast and it felt like he was having an amazing time and was watching the show for the first time.

Once she travels through the wardrobe, the first character Polly meets is Mr. Tumnus played by Eric McGill as he dances with a lamppost.  Eric displays several outstanding sections of aerial work including a trapeze where he was almost touching the ceiling. 

Bunmi Odumosu radiates as the White Witch and has everyone cowering in her presence as she marches around the stage.  Bunmi shows all of Narnia her physical performance prowess with some amazing aerial work on the ropes.

Providing the more salacious entertainment was FooFooLaBelle with a few personas through the show.  Asha Jane shines as she performs a risqué version of Oh Holy Night, while Rahim El Habachi plays Aslan the lion with a touch of tenderness that makes us all fall in love with him.

Director, Duncan Hallis delivers a great show with each viewpoint of the stage bringing a unique experience to the audience with so much going on. Sherry Coenen’s lighting really enhances all the scenes whether the cast are on the ground or in the air.

Ticket availability for the remaining run of The Lion, The B!tch And The Wardrobe is limited, so get down to the Wales Millennium Centre now to see the show.

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