Centrestage Cymru Celebrate A Decade of Shows As Hot Mikado Dances Into Newport’s Dolman Theatre

Centrestage Cymru return to the stage of Newport’s Dolman Theatre this month with Hot Mikado, an updated version of the Gilbert and Sullivan Musical classic.

Centrestage Cymru formed in 2012 and in the decade since their formation have presented many sell-out musicals including Whistle Down the Wind, Grease, Singin’ in the Rain, Sister Act, Evita, Annie! Jesus Christ Superstar and The Wizard of Oz.

Musical Director Victoria Bryant and ensemble member, Michelle Meano discuss Hot Mikado.

What is your name and who are you playing in Hot Mikado?

VICCI: My name is Vicci and I am the Musical Director for Hot Mikado and Centrestage Cymru.

MICHELLE: My name is Michelle and I am a proud member of Centrestage Cymru ensemble.

What do you do within CentreStage Cymru?

VICCI: My role within the company is to teach the songs to the cast, making sure the harmonies are spot on, adding the extra musical touches and nagging them to learn their lyrics!

MICHELLE: My role within the company is not only as a playing member but also Company Secretary, member of the fund-raising committee and a founder member.

What do you think is the most exciting moment in Hot Mikado?

VICCI: The most nerve-wracking bit for me is having to say a line in the show!  I’m more comfortable hiding away in the orchestra pit!

MICHELLE: It is impossible to say which the most exciting or my favourite part of Hot Mikado is as there are so many fabulous tunes, dance routines and hysterically funny lines to choose from.

What do you think audiences will enjoy most about the production?

VICCI: ‘Hot Mikado‘ is jam-packed with humour, catchy and memorable songs, wonderful dance routines and some brilliant acting, including some truly hilarious moments.

MICHELLE: The audience will not be able to resist tapping their toes to the fabulous jazzed up sound of all the memorable tunes. They will be amazed at the talent shown on the stage from the dance routines by the whole cast, the fabulous vocals, the amazing orchestra and not forgetting the amazing set made especially for this production by CSC Stage Manager, Peter Higgins. I also think that one of the many highlights of the show is the fabulous tap dance by The Mikado and company!

Is there anything about Hot Mikado that you have found a particular challenge?

VICCI: Let’s not mention the madrigal…

MICHELLE:  The whole company faced a massive challenge when just two weeks ago one of our wonderful leading ladies Bethan Daniels was taken unwell and it was impossible for her to continue in the role of Yum Yum which she had created perfectly. The company were very lucky to have found a great friend and talent in Cait Davies who agreed to take on the role and save our bacon! As heartbroken as we all are to have lost our wonderful Bethan from this show, we have all pulled together and supported Cait in the mammoth task of taking on the role of Yum Yum with only three weeks to learn the part, and what an amazing job she has done. As the old saying goes ‘ The show must go on’.

What is your favourite song in Hot Mikado and why?

VICCI: There are so many great musical numbers in this show that promise to get stuck in your head, long after the curtain has come down.  I think if I had to choose, I’d say ‘I am so proud’, because the boys make me laugh every time!

MICHELLE: There are so many great musical numbers in this show that I could not pick one out. They will all get stuck in your head and you will be humming them on your way back to your cars.

If you could describe Hot Mikado in three words, what would they be?

VICCI: Fun, funky, Must-see


  • Centrestage Cymru’s presentation of Hot Mikado runs at The Dolman Theatre, Newport from April 26th – 29th, 2023. Performances start at 7:15pm.
  • For ticket details visit the Dolman Theatre Website or call the box office on 01633 263670.

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