Mary Hopkin and Daughter Jessica Lee Morgan Release New Album – Two Hearts

Welsh singer/songwriter Mary Hopkin has released a new single, You’ve Got Everything, from her new album, today, on her 73rd birthday, in collaboration with her daughter, Jessica Lee Morgan.  

Hopkin, remembered for her recording of the 1968 number one Those Were the Days, (produced on The Beatles’ Apple Records label by Paul McCartney) also competed in the 1970 Eurovision Song Competition and came second with Knock, Knock, Who’s There.

The new album, Two Hearts, which was also released today, features a mix of well-loved covers and newly written tracks. 

Chatting to BBC Radio Wales yesterday, Jessica explained: “I started a record label for her in 2005 called Mary Hopkin Music so she could make music how she wanted. We had a lot of stuff to clear out the loft and over time she started making new music and writing songs.

“We have worked on each other’s recordings, and we have been singing together all my life really. We started learning some of the covers that are on the album when I was 13 on my first guitar. We started writing after that, I don’t know why it’s taken so long but here we are now finally!” 

“It’s very much an album with equal contribution, so some of the songs were written together or maybe I wrote the music first or others where she wrote them first and we would finish each other’s lyrics. It’s very much an album where we have equal shares on the vocals this time which is really nice.”

Two Hearts a varied album in different styles but the unifying voice is basically us singing together, obviously”.

“Mary is happiest now working with me and my brother Morgan. My partner Chris helps us with the technology, engineering, mixing and everything. She’s very comfortable, it’s what she’s always wanted”.

  • Two Hearts is available now and can be obtained along with many other recordings by Mary via

2 thoughts on “Mary Hopkin and Daughter Jessica Lee Morgan Release New Album – Two Hearts

  1. I have always been a fan of Mary Hopkin when I first heard Those were the days I thought it was a great song I wish u all the best for the future and your daughter bye for now Terri Rafeala Barbara buglione

  2. “Sail with Me” is one of my favorite tunes of the year. It is haunting yet peaceful. I was age 7 when “Those Were the Days “ came out and remember it well from 1968.

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