Eleri & Eädyth Call Out Against Music Industry Sexism with New Single – Good For A Girl

Wales’ country siren ELERI returns with a feisty new single ‘Good for A Girl’ to kick off her summer run of festival dates. The Swansea star teams up with one of Wales’ hottest artists EÄDYTH for the first of much more new music coming out in 2023. ‘Good for a Girl’ is out on 25th May 2023 on all digital service providers.

‘Good for a Girl’ is the first single from ELERI’s (formerly known as Eleri Angharad) new album due for release in late 2023. The track is a call out against the sexism she and countless others have experienced in the music industry and everyday life. The phrase ‘Good for a Girl’ is often used in a patronising tone of surprise when women are seen being capable: carrying a flight case, writing a song or even being able to set up her own equipment; it’s a phrase that has followed ELERI around for her entire career. The lyrics are packed full of honest experiences and is equalled by a thumping, catchy, chorus that hammers the message home.

It’s an all-star female team that came together to make this track, co-star EÄDYTH one of Wales’ hottest artists; one of country music’s sort after producers Kaity Rae long-term co-writers helped pen the track Nina Sundstrom and Rachel Walker-Mason and artwork designer Rebel Jones.

ELERI explains, “Good for a Girl’ started off as a bit of an in-joke when I was writing other album tracks with Nina and Rachel; it was only when we talked and shared our experiences that we decided it to turn it into a song of its own. When the song was complete, I felt an urge and burning desire to give this song and issue as much justice as I possibly could. When EÄDYTH said yes to jumping on the track, I knew this had to be a single. She had shared her own experience of being side[1]lined on festival line ups and her passion for change embodies everything this single stand for.”

“The women I’ve worked with aren’t just ‘pretty good for a woman’ we’re damn good at what we do and often must work twice as hard to gain the same recognition as men. I hope this message resonates with people in every industry and I really want this song to become part of a bigger movement. If the music industry is to be more inclusive it needs to get over its tokenistic mentality towards women and minority groups and finally accept that supporting the diverse wealth of talent we have, can only benefit everyone.”

Eädyth features on Eleri’s new single – Good for a Girl.

The track backs up recent data that gender imbalance in the music industry still exists, despite pledges to change. In 2022, a YouGov survey found that only one in 10 headliners at the UK’s top festivals were women. Of 200 headline acts, just 26 were female, 1 identified as non-binary, 24 had a mixed line-up, and the rest (149) were either male solo artists or all-male bands. Last year’s gender and racial disparity report into UK radio found that UK male solo artists occupied the top 100 more than three times as often as female solo artists and were present in 80 per cent of all top 100 singles.

ELERI is extremely passionate about addressing this imbalance and often teams up with female co-writers, producers and artists. In 2018 she founded Siren, an all-female song writing group with Cardiff based songstress Naomi Rae and the pair have run group sessions, writing camps and workshops at University of South Wales.

This summer sees ELERI perform at numerous festivals up and down the UK, you can catch her on the following dates:

  • 28th May – Buckle and Boots, Manchester
  • 2nd June – Spring Classic Festival, Devon
  • 3rd June – Live on the Wye Festival, Monmouth
  • 4th June – Country in the Afternoon, London
  • 9th June – Home Farm Festival, Yeovil
  • 12th August – Brecon Jazz Fringe, Brecon
  • Good for a Girl by ELERI, ft. EÄDYTH is out on 25 May 2023 via all digital service providers.

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