Beth Nielsen Chapman To Play Cardiff’s Acapela Studio

Songwriting legend Beth Nielsen Chapman is back, announcing two new singles and a UK summer tour for August 2023 which will see her play Cardiff’s Acapela Studio.

Following last year’s album CrazyTown, which charted at Number One on the Official UK Country Chart, acclaimed songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman is making her return with new music for 2023. Her first new single ‘Back To This Moment,’ co-written with Michigan singer-songwriter May Erlewine towards the end of the pandemic is a sprightly Americana-bluegrass tune with a kick-ass backbeat, reflecting on and longing for better days gone by. In lines such as ‘waiting for the sun to shine through’, Beth skilfully taps into the collective mindset of those who would love for the good times to return.

“Back to This Moment is a song about resilience in the face of the world coming through chaos and pain” says Beth.  “The rhythm helps to offset some of the pain in the song, we wanted it to be entertaining and uplifting musically but also talk about that stuff life puts us through. It’s got to have that depth of field which I think we all need to acknowledge.”

“Boy, I can relate to that now in a totally different way than I was relating to it when we were actually writing the song. I went through a big loss this past December when my husband Bob died of cancer. This song came back into my mind and I thought – “I really want to put this song out.”

It tells the truth, but it also carries the feeling that we’re gonna keep going because that’s what we do and I really love that it has that energy of hope in it. We’re all in this together and its music that is keeping me going moment to moment.”

‘Back To This Moment’ will be followed quickly by another new track, ‘Love’ out July 14th.

Alongside the new music Beth has also announced a brand-new UK tour, including a date at Cardiff’s Acapela Studio on August 3rd.

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