“A Haunting Night at the Theatre” with Do You Believe in Ghosts

Do You Believe in Ghosts’ creator James Taylor guarantees “a haunting night at the theatre” when the show plays The Riverfront Theatre in July 12.

The Ghost Light is a theatre tradition that is said to keep mischievous spirits away. Theatre stages are lit with a single light, even when there’s no performance taking place, giving ghosts the opportunity to perform when the theatre is shut.

Do You Believe In Ghosts comes to The Riverfront, Newport in July 2023

“We like to think of it as lighting the way for the ghosts who call the theatre their home,” states James.

James promises the production will be packed with ghostly stories of the things that go bump in the night, or the day – and the things that just don’t add up.

Do You Believe in Ghosts? plays The Riverfront Theatre on July 12. Ticket availability for the performance at The Riverfront Theatre in now sold out, visit Newport Live | Events or contact 01633 656757 for returns.

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