Ironic Bionic Man, Jason Byrne To Play Cardiff’s Glee Club

Jason Byrne is fired up and ready to shake things up as he prepares to hit the road this autumn with his brand-new stand-up show ‘The Ironic Bionic Man’. Notorious for reducing audiences to tears, Jason is more ready than ever to tour the country with his popular and much-loved mayhem.

We can rebuild him!

Jason is, officially Bionic, “ironically” of course, as Jason, the accident-prone, general unfortunate (to no want of his own) is now, half man, half machine. Born with a cockeye (then straightened), his lung collapsed (it was blown back up and sealed with metal pins), appendix removed, cartilage replaced in his knee from a poo-on-the-loo accident, arm dislocated by a wave, heart now functioning on six stents.

Jason Byrne will bring his Ironic Bionic Man tour to Cardiff’s Glee Club.

Prior to this 2023 UK tour, Jason takes ‘The Ironic Bionic Man’ to the Edinburgh Festival. Byrne’s very own brand of organised chaos and near legendary stock-in-trade audience participation has seen him coined “the outright king of live comedy” by The Times. It is no surprise that he is the biggest selling comedian at the Edinburgh Festival.    

Jason Byrne’s The Ironic Bionic Man will stop on the November 15 at Cardiff’s Glee Club! Tickets are on sale now at

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