Texas Festival, Then Hail Mary UK Tour for Welsh Music Prize Nominees – CVC!

Welsh Six-Piece CVC have captured gig goers’ attention with their unique twist of psych rock. The Church Village Collective comprising Francesco Orsi (vocals); David Bassey (Vocals/Guitar); Elliot Bradfield (Vocals/Guitar); Ben Thorne (Bass); Tom Fry (Drums) and Daniel ‘Nanial’ Jones (Keyboard/Percussion) were recent shortlist nominees for the Welsh Music Prize, sponsored by Creative Wales following the release of their debut long play, Get Real.

Welsh Psych-Rock Stars were nominated for the Welsh Music Prize following the release of their album debut, Get Real.

Andy Howells recently put questions to CVC.

With the Welsh music scene been so vibrant now, how did you all feel making the Welsh Music Prize shortlist?

We were blown away when we found out! We love any excuse to dress up too, so we were all looking forward to the ceremony. But to be amongst such great names in Welsh music made us feel proud to be a part of such a great music scene!

How important is it for yourselves to connect with people through music?

Well, that’s the ultimate goal for us as artists, to connect our music to people listening or watching, that is the greatest satisfaction when you can see crowds of people all enjoying themselves and singing along.

We all love going to watch live music so know how it feels when a song makes you get up and jump around, and to be able to give that back is truly a dream come true.

Have there been any challenges you’ve faced as a band in your journey so far and how have you overcome them?

The main ones are just sticking out the longevity of the industry, having to go through years and years of very slow progression and keeping the motivation to keep going, I think that puts a lot of people off and it’s very tough to deal with.

What has been your best achievement?

Probably the release and reception of our debut album ‘Get Real’ We had no real aspirations or goals for the album when creating it. We almost did it just out of pure fun, but to see it be received so warmly by so many is mind blowing.

It even ended up in the charts! And if you’d told us that when we were recording the album, we would have bashed you over the head with a Styrofoam glove and banished you from you recording sessions for treason.

So once again we’d like to thank anyone that’s reading this who’s supported us in any way shape or form!

What are you doing in the coming months and is there anything we can look out for?

We’re currently on our way to Texas to play Austin City Limits Festival! And when we get back, we’re diving headfirst into our ‘Hail Mary‘ UK Tour, which tickets are flying out for if you haven’t got your already!! We also have new music coming out VERY soon so we’re all really excited for that too!

For more details on CVC – visit their official website!

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