The Shows Must Go On: Jeff Wayne Discusses Origin of The Musical Version of The War of The Worlds

As Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds airs on The Show’s Must Go On YouTube channel, we delve into our archive for an interview with Jeff Wayne who explains the musical’s origin.

How Live Entertainment Inspired Variety Girls Book Series – Interview With Tracy Baines

Author of Christmas with The Variety Girls, Tracy Baines talks to Andy Howells about her writing and The Variety Girls books

New Book Recalls TV Classics, Please Sir! & The Fenn Street Gang – David Barry Interview – Part 2

In the second part of an interview with Entertainment South Wales, David Barry ecalls the Please Sir! spin-off series The Fenn Street Gang as well as working on the Please Sir! film with Andy Howells.

“Please Sir! I’ve Written A Book On A Classic TV Sitcom!” – David Barry Interview – Part 1

In the first part of an interview with Entertainment South Wales, David Barry discusses his book Please Sir! The Official History with Andy Howells.

My Music DNA: Jaz Delorean of Tankus The Henge

Tankus the Henge vocalist, pianist and trombonist Jaz Delorean discusses the music that has inspired his life and career with Andy Howells.

Talking Music: Ian H Watkins & Lisa Scott-Lee Discuss New Steps Album – What The Future Holds

Andy Howells chats with Ian H Watkins and Lisa Scott-Lee to find out about Steps new album, What The Future Holds.

My Music DNA: Concrete Plans Score Composer, Paul Hartnoll on His Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

In a special Music DNA feature, Paul Hartnoll reveals five film soundtracks of which he has found inspirational over the years.

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