Flashback Friday: Five Unforgettable Newport Playgoers Shows (2011-2020)

Today’s Flashback Friday celebrates the work of Newport Playgoers, one of South Wales leading amateur dramatic societies since 1924. I’ve had the privilege of reviewing several Playgoers presentations at the Dolman Theatre over the last decade or and am looking forward to the societies return in the future. This list is by no means andContinue reading “Flashback Friday: Five Unforgettable Newport Playgoers Shows (2011-2020)”

Flashback Friday: Five Times South Wales Theatres Hosted Great Ballet (2008-2019)

This week’s Flashback Friday features five trips to the ballet, a dance medium I have come to appreciate and enjoy as a reviewer over the last two decades. Ballet is a wondrous and beautiful expression of dance. It can be dramatic and powerful as it can be carefree and blissful, but it is always powerful and relevant.